Erectile dysfunction and the relationship with other diseases

Erectile dysfunction is found mostly in people over 40 years because the penile blood flow is reduced, which creates difficulties in obtaining and maintaining an erection.  Men have little control over their erections, especially during puberty. Once they reach 40 years sexual problems occur more often, but the good news is that erectile dysfunction can be treated; there are many options: medicines, alternative and natural pills, surgery etc.

If a man is suffering from erectile dysfunction, he is not able to satisfy his partner because he cannot maintain an erection more than 2-3 minutes. Many people suffer from this disease because of poor emotional relationship with his partner. A quarter of men with erection problems also present a cardiovascular risk. This happens because the penile artery is one of the tightest in the human body. Thus, in case of hypertension, cholesterol or diabetes, this is the first obstructed artery. It is known that erectile dysfunction usually appear about three years before the occurrence of heart problems, so it can be considered as one of the first signs of vascular problems; one more reason for you to consult a doctor when you are facing this kind of problem.

According to statistics 7% of people who are suffering from erectile dysfunction also present kidney problems, heart diseases and general malaise. Approximately 40-50% of diabetics also have erectile dysfunction. Diabetes destroys nerves and blood vessels in the penis. When nerves are affected and penile artery is affected by this disease is very hard to get an erection. Controlling the blood sugar regularly can prevent and stop erectile dysfunction symptoms in early stages. Nerve damage can be prevented if you stop smoking, limit the alcohol amount, do regular exercise and follow a healthy diet, as doctor or dietitian prescribed.

Almost 20% experience erectile dysfunction because of psychological reasons. These factors can be: lack of confidence, poor relationship with the partner, stress, anxiety, depression. In many cases men become more anxious when sexual problems occur and so, they create a vicious circle that maintains erectile dysfunction. In order to treat depression or learn to mange stress it is best to see a doctor who specializes in such matters like a sexual therapist. Also an open communication with the partner is essential if you want to find the exact reason of your problem.

Also adopting a healthy lifestyle that includes weight loss, giving up cigarettes, alcohol and other harmful substances is very important. Smoking and obesity are directly linked to sexual problems, including erectile dysfunction.