Levitra – what you can expect

When we started this website, we had a clear intention. We wanted to write up some articles that are going to provide you with salient pieces of information that are going to help you learn more about Levitra, one of the ED medications that have been approved by the MHRA.  It is nowhere near as famous as Viagra, although it is a medication that has its advantages. Because of this relative anonymity of this medication, we wanted to share with you the information on the medication all in one place, all perfectly unbiased and to show you that Viagra is not the only medication that you can take for ED. Also, we have included some testimonials from men who have decided to go with Levitra and who have found out what a great ED medication it is. For example, this article is here to give you the basic facts about this drug and to sort of introduce it to you in shortest points.

First of all, we want to tell you how Levitra works. Well, its mechanism of action is the same as that of Cialis and Viagra, the other two PDE5 inhibitors. They all work by providing inhibition of PDE5, which as a result enables healthy blood flow in the genital area, which ultimately leads to erections that are hard and lasting enough for the sexual intercourse to be completed. You should remember, though, that Levitra is not the cure for erectile dysfunction. Like all ED drugs, it provides you with temporary ability to achieve erections and once you its effects wear off, erectile dysfunction will still be there.

Levitra shares the same measures of precaution with the other two medications. This means that you need to get a prescription o rat least to talk to your doctor before you decide to use it. If you suffer from any medical conditions that are chronic, especially if those are conditions affecting your cardiovascular system, you need to be particularly careful and make sure that the doctor you are talking to is aware that you are suffering from them.

Due to the fact that it is a potent prescription medication, you need to know how to take the medication. You should only take a single pill in any 24 hour period of time and that pill should be of the dosage that was prescribed for you. For instance, if the doctor deemed that a 25 mg Levitra pill is most suitable for you, you must not take the 50 mg or the 100 mg one. Also, make sure that 24 hours have passed between two doses of Levitra. You must never make adjustments to your regimen without talking to the doctor, as you never know what consequences this can have for your health and for your Levitra treatment.

It would take too much space to talk about the side effects and the possible interactions with other drugs. Therefore, we urge you to check out other articles that are especially concerned with these issues. It is important to keep in mind that interactions with other drugs are possible and that side effects may also occur when taking Levitra. Fortunately, these side effects are most commonly only minor ones.

In the end, we would like to add a few improvements that make Levitra a better solution than Viagra. For one, it is less likely to cause headaches and more importantly, it lasts longer than Viagra, which can be a great factor in choosing between these two medications.